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The Moura's Cave. Chapter II Grandpa's letter

  CHAPTER II “GRANDPA’S LETTER”            From the other side of the table, Brais, looks at me and smiles, he has been doing so all afternoon, after our walk through the Celtic settlement.   ― Eva you haven’t touched your dinner, don’t you like it?  – I look at Grandma and I deny with my head.   ― Yes, I like it Grandma. I was just thinking, sorry.   ― It doesn’t matter but eat, walks in the woods makes you hungry.   We finish dinner, Brais and Antonio say goodbye to us, Grandma accompanies them to the door. I take advantage and I start to wash the dishes.   ― I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow – I’m startled when Brais speaks in my ear. I’m about to throw away the glass I have in my hand. My skin is bristle. He kisses me on the cheek –. See you tomorrow. – And he rushes out as Antonio calls to him from outside.   Grandma Emma looks at me from the kitchen door.   ― What a boy … - she comes up to me shaking her head –. You didn’t have to wash the dishes

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